Pseudo Ego – Oil paint and Spray Paint on Linen (incl shipping anywhere)

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Painted on beautiful Belgian linen with artists quality spray paint and oil paint.
The work is part of an ongoing theme of discovering unconventional beauty by pushing through destruction and reconstruction.

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Materials: This piece is created using oil paint and spray paint, applied to Belgian linen. Stretched on light-weight frame, reinforced with aluminium to prevent warping it is ready to hang (or could be framed).

Dimensions: Portrait/vertical format, 76 cm wide x 100 cm and approximately 5 cm deep.

About the artwork

This piece is part of a series of 9 works on the theme of personal curation, reinvention and identify formation. The series cycles through distinct stage and forms, featuring the same fictitious feminine face.

This particular piece is part of the rediscovery phase that occurs during the messy, traumatic, but enlightening process required to create a new concept of who we are. Part of the image are hidden, parts seem incomplete, areas of the work feature thickly applied paint hiding flat un-embelished areas and small streams of gold are found; surprises among the chaos.

In this affordable piece there is beauty in the chaos. Generous  layers of high-quality paint give the work a luscious finish.


Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 76 × 10 × 100 cm
original artwork

oil on linen


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