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The book based on the phenomenally successful Life Design course delivered at Stanford University, devised by Silicon Valley design innovators Bill Burnett and Dave Evans.
Grab the book and take the class on CreativeLive to work through the exercises with a guide

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A well-designed life means a life well-lived. The Designing Your Life book provides a saavy approach that connects the science of career and life design to the soul and dispels prominent and toxic self-help industry tropes along the way.

The phenomenally successful Life Design course, devised by Silicon Valley design innovators Bill Burnett and Dave Evans, has been tried and tested by thousands of people, from students to mid-career professionals to retirees contemplating a whole new future. Now in book form for the first time, their simple method will teach you how to use basic design tools to create a life that will work for you.

Using lots of real-life stories and proven techniques like reframing, prototyping and mind-mapping you will learn how to build your way forwards, step-by-positive-step, to a life that’s better by a design of your own making.

Checkout the talk from one of the authors, Bill Burnett, and see if it’s for you.

About the Authors

Bill Burnett is the Executive Director of the Design Program at Stanford. He got his BS and MS in Product Design at Stanford and has worked professionally on a wide variety of projects ranging from award-winning Apple PowerBooks to the original Star Wars action figures. He holds a number of mechanical and design patents, and design awards for a variety of products including the first ‘slate’ computer.

Dave Evans is the Co-Director of the Stanford Life Design Lab and holds a BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford. Early in his career he worked for Apple, where he led the mouse-design team and introduced laser printing to the masses. He then helped found the pioneering video games developer Electronic Arts.

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