Creative inspiration card set

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The set includes Creativity+ and These Cards Will Change Your Ideas.
These two packs will spark your creative thinking with a mix of inspirspiration, guidance and activities.

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The set includes:


The Catalyst for Creative Thinking

Creativity+ is a toolkit that will inspire, challenge and transform by showing you how to can infuse creative thinking into all aspects of your life.
Use the card swatch to unlock your curiosity, questioning skills and creative forces.

More than a toolkit to help you achieve your tasks,  it is a philosophy for infusing creative thinking in all aspects of your life, supported by practical tools to bring your ideas to fruition.

Divided into the four phases of innovation (Vision, Discovery, Ideation and Momentum), you are provided with the Mindset (attitudes), Skillset (knowledge), Toolset (techniques) and a supporting Case Study that gives a real-life example of these skills in action.
Navigate easily through the colour-coded phases in this flip board design because the creative process is iterative, sometimes you have to step back to leap forward.

These Cards Will Change Your Ideas

Get your ideas flowing!

These practical starting points will help get your brain working and spark you ideation.

The pack is made of 50 handy graphic cards that are a fun, practical way to refresh your thinking. They can help reduce unnecessary anxiety about starting your creative work, reduce procrastination and find creative ways around obstacles.

Use the cards as prompts to turn your ideation into a game, light a creative fire in workshops and group projects or just turn some of your own works tasks into a game to get past blocks or stagnant thinking. And if one of these bright and boldly-designed cards really speaks to you, you can pin it up at your workstation as a friendly reminder or affirmation.

  • 50 pieces of bite-sized but practical advice by an expert in the field
  • Author is an internationally published expert on ideas generation
  • Fun, portable format means you can brainstorm on the go
  • Concise text is easy to absorb and put into practice

written by Nik Mahon 


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