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The Career Clarity Kit brings together a set of tools to help you untangle the confusion that often accompanies career decisions.

These are tools I found helpful in my own life.
I hope they can help you too. Check the full description below for details.

Feel free to contact me with questions or just to know you’re purchasing from a local, not a dropshipping site – [email protected]

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I have put this kit together based on resources I found useful in my own career transitions.
Here are a few notes about the resources and tools included:

  • Career Therapy – This is a set of questions that guide through a self-directed career coaching process. Following this, you will discover powerful insights that guide your decision-making and helps you learn how to replicate the process at future career decision points.
  • Career Crisis prompt cards – this card set is helpful in starting your thinking. It has a mix of mini-exercises, inspirational prompts, affirmations, and consolations I found useful on challenging workdays (particularly if your work environment is a bit toxic)
  • Confidence prompt cards – It’s natural to be low on confidence if you are not working in a job or environment where you feel like you can contribute to the best of your ability. Unfortunately, much of our capacity to construct positive careers (and life for that matter) comes down to confidence. Use these cards as prompts to jump over negative thinking and reflect on practicing being confident.
  • Sketch and Write A5 notebook – Journalling is an important part of any self-development activity. Use this to keep track of ideas, process thoughts, record inspiration…make it your careers and ideas bible!
    Artists quality paper, blank paper at the front, lined at the back.
  • Overland essential oil – Being in a good headspace, with a pleasant environment to think is something I found really important. This scent is uplifting and helps provide a fresh sense of confidence to help with creative thinking.
  • Lousy Liner – This is a beautiful pen to record your ideas. Made from recycled printer cartridges and ink, it is free-flowing, quick-drying and sustainably in Melbourne.
  • Zig twin-tipped writer – Yellow – Something to help accent your idea as you progress through the steps in the Career Therapy set. More than an office stationery highlighter, this will help you embellish your ideas.


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