Career motivation report and 60 minute consultation

$180.00 inc GST

Guided access to a career planning tool and followup 60 minute Career Counselling session to help you make the right professional choices to build a stimulating and fulfilling career.

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To begin a process of career change, discovery or redirection, finding out more about yourself, your strengths, capabilities, and importantly, motivations is a powerful first step in the process.

This is comprehensive session provides access to the Motiva Individual 2 tool and provides a 60-minute career counselling session to explore the results.

About the tool
Unlike other career guidance programs, this isn’t an assessment that puts you in a box or allocates you a category. Motiva Individual 2 helps you understand yourself and gives access to information related to not just to your interests, but your motivations, needs, values, skills, and takes into account your previous professional experiences.


If you are an Australian Citizen and have a current Health Care Card issued by Centrelink please contact me for a reduced rate.


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