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A few years ago, before studying and moving through several career phases, I was about as miserable as a person can get.
Two resources helped me through this period and are the reason I decided to create this store, so others could find them when they need to.
These cards are one resource, the second is the book A Job to Love, both published by The School of Life.
I kept these cards with me at work to prompt my thinking around my career and also to help me through some of the shittier moments of my day.
I hope they help you too.

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60 prompt cards designed to help you work through moments of a career crisis.

Finding a job we can love and that makes use of our talents is the single greatest challenge we face. Unsurprisingly, many of us regularly hit career crises: moments of intense anxiety about finding our true vocation in the time we have left.

These Career Crisis Prompt Cards contain ideas and questions designed to unblock career crises and free up our thinking around work – setting us on a path to a job that will tap into the best parts of us.

Example Cards:

  • A job you love doesn’t mean that there is only one job you could love. So it will always be reasonable to have regrets.
  • Which of these are you – in the end – best at: numbers, words, images, people?
  • A palliative nurse described one of the major regrets of the dying as the wish that they’d had the courage to live a life true to themselves, not the life others expected of them.

How to Use the Cards

You might…

  • Use the cards reflect on which parts of your current job you find least appealing and which jobs you have found most rewarding.
  • Post a card to a friend experiencing doubts about their chosen path.
  • Keep a card in your wallet to remind you to be brave in seeking out a new direction in life.

The design reflects the vast range of possible careers that are open to us. The modern, flat-colour illustrations refer to the world of work with simple typography on one side and a mute blue on the other.

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