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Nostalgia and beer always go well together

I love my local pub.

Moving from Brisbane to Melbourne a few years ago, good pubs make the winters here bearable. My local pub is a classic warm friendly place with an honest menu and great beers from dedicated brewers…and it’s free of poker machines! (*I’m not anti-gambling but those machines ruin the atmosphere and are a source of misery in many places; keep them in the casino’s)

I jumped at the opportunity to contribute a bit of artwork to one of the courtyards. Based on an old advertising board from the 1930’s I recreated a classic Melbourne Bitter ad. The original ad looked strangely like an old American prairie scene with an Aussie ‘digger’ overlayed with the iconic Melbourne Bitter label.

If you live in or are visiting Melbourne pop in for a visit

The Palace Hotel South Melbourne

One thought on “Nostalgia and beer always go well together

  1. Pretty cool artwork and the colors really bring out the aussie spirit! and talking about nostalgia, i was sooo happy when i read about this place in South Melbourne that servers my oddly favorite Meatballs sangas :p

    yes yes yes, i know a little odd, but it will certainly go down well with a few beers :p

    How long did it take you to finish the mural?

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