Remeber the Etch-a-Sketch

Occasionally the modern news cycle gets so caught up in gossip and celebrity rubbish they neglect to tell us about truly great people.

Today I found out that Andre Cassagnes passed away…on January the 16th. This man invented the Etch-a-Sketch!

I’m saddened that this took so long to be reported on. In an age where talentless people with no ideas, making no useful contribution to the world are valued over the life of a person who made ongoing contributions to the design world and invented one of the coolest kids toys ever; it took two whole weeks to find a gap in the news cycle big enough to squeeze between some rumour about a Kardashian and another revelation about some B-grade celeb’s weight-loss miracle.

Today I celebrate the overlooked innovators of the world.


I think the picture came from this guy :

Melbournites – Please Save The Butterfly Club

Anyone with a love of the arts, comedy and all things kitsch this IS something you need to get behind. If you’ve ever laughed at Tim Minchin’s musical musing you owe these guys big time!

Please follow the link and help the club survive the move to a new venue. You don’t need to just donate, you can buy some pretty cool experiences.

Save The Butterfly Club by The Butterfly Club and … Crowded on Pozible.

This Melbourne icon needs your help

back to the 90’s

Everyone has a period of their youth they enjoy looking back on.

For me it was 1996 -1999. At the time it felt like it would never end, three years of consistent painting and creative achievement before somehow falling into a normal day job. During this time I was generally broke, living from one art commission to the next, with hindsight I can see I also had focus and drive. It’s something that’s easy to lose when you get comfortable.

Oh, I also got to have fun painting out and about…nothing hardcore, just taking advantage of some under utilised spaces.

Atomic love

I love coffee, it one of the few of life’s affordable luxuries. Having had other domestic espresso machines I keep coming back to my beloved Atomic…oh and I found these t-shirts at the Bon Trading Company Ebay store :

The highlight of La Merce festival

The highlight of La Merce festival

In Australia some schools won’t even let kids do handstands and councils are removing playground equipment because of the fear of being sued by angry parents.

In Barcelona you can run with people dressed as devils spraying fireworks down the street and it’s INCREDIBLE!


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