Belle Arti entry sold at Chapman and Bailey Gallery

It was a nice to get the news of the sale of my little entry into the Bell Arti Prize.

It was a fairly inexpensive piece, but with very few sales amongst the 200+ pieces there, I still feel a little proud.

Working small – woman before the hangover

This small piece (35 x 35 cm) was created to enter the Bell Arti Prize at the Chapman and Bailey Gallery.

All entrants were provided an identical canvas to utilise, with no restriction on the theme or medium. Despite the small size, I was still keen to work with spray paint as the dominant medium. I used layers of spray paint, built up and scraped back to create depth and texture. I also used very thin layers of oil paint to  soften dense colour of the spray paint used. The idea was to create a soft, ghostly figure who was fading before us.


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