Purpose-driven job hunting resources

We all know the big players in the world of job advertising. I won’t name them, they are rather ubiquitous and accessible.

However, if you are looking for something different, perhaps you’ve experienced a lack of meaning in your work, or you’ve decided to contribute your skills towards solving sticky and challenging problems, or you have had a brilliant career and now have the capacity to spend time giving back to the world, these lesser-known job boards could be useful to you.

Ethical Jobs
This organisation has grown in capacity and is a go-to source of job advertisements in Australia.
More than just jobs ads, you can also find advice and insight to help with hunting for roles.
For those looking to plan a transition to working in the not-for-profit arena, this can also be a great place to explore the types of employers here, survey roles, and pay information.
Find out more about Ethical Jobs and their vision here https://www.ethicaljobs.com.au/about

Probono Australia
Probono describe themself as a
“group of socially-minded individuals who help purpose-driven people and organisations like yourself to grow your impact. We believe society is better off when there is a thriving social economy. So over two decades ago, before the words “social enterprise” even existed, we started one. Our mission is simple: to activate good intentions. We’re a proud B Corp. And our name? It comes from pro bono, meaning “for good”. Because that’s what we are.”
There’s more to their offering than job ads alone, take some time to explore the site.

NGO Recruitment
NGO Recruitment is closer to the traditional agency model many job seekers would be familiar with. They have a vast array of services and have a long, successful history in Australia, and also work internationally across the Asia Pacific.
If you are beginning to consider or plan a transition away from the private sector, there are a number of resources to utilise in this transition. I recommend making contact directly with NGO Recruitment and seeing what guidance or information is available.

80,000 Hours
“You have 80,000 hours in your career.
How can you best use them to help solve the world’s most pressing problems?”

This organisation is UK-based. While you may not use it for job hunting as such, this is a fantastic place for highly skilled people to engage with concepts around purpose-driven work and may inspire ideas that you can apply locally.
A fantastic resource to make use of is the guided career planning process.
This process is very useful for people who have a solid awareness and confidence in their skills and looking for a way to create a career plan focused on purpose and solving problems. It may not suit people who need to build their self-awareness or are experiencing being stuck due to other challenges.
Take a peek here – https://80000hours.org/career-planning/process/

If you feel like you are ready to work through a process of finding, refinding, or refining your career path, but perhaps not wanting to engage with one-to-one support check out these other resources and this post on open-source career tools.