As a youngster I was baptised at various stages by three different Christian Churches (I assume now the the new one crosses out the old one, but as a child I just assumed I was a member of three clubs whose members were mostly horrible singers). The one thing that made being a Catholic and going to a Catholic school for a brief period bearable was Shrove Tuesday, though as an adult I’d completely forgotten about it un til I saw this post. Can all of us lapsed church goers pretend that today is Shrove Thursday instead?

I keep coming across this old gem while wedding planning…

Sara and I are planning our September wedding and we’re constantly looking for inspiration. While hunting for other ideas it seems that even in sunny Queensland gritty street photography is still fashionable for a wedding flick with street cred.

While I may have lost my street cred at least a decade ago, I’m still glad that this old piece of mine continues to make an appearance now and then as a nice background for some happy couples.



Good intentions don’t mean S**T, it’s action that counts and clearly I’ve not followed through this year.

I’ll come clean, I’ve lacked direction and a clear vision this year…I’m letting the last week of 2011 fade away; and the mediocrity with it.

On the 31st of December the reset button will be pushed, no crazy resolutions will be made, just a promise to focus on action.

Until then, I’ve cleaned out most of the old posts and left a few things which are still useful.

When money isn’t the motivator?

I’ve progressed through several distinct career phases in my life and as I now begin to consolidate some key skills and work towards the next career goals I’ve become acutely aware that money isn’t what motivates me.

Sure, I want more of it, but in the times that’s I’ve tried to chase it, things seem to go a little pear shaped. Bearing this in mind I’m trying to better understand what motivates me and to use what I’m learning to propel me to the next stages in my life…as all this is happening I stumbled across this video on Brisbane artists site



Great photo filtering resource

I’m not really into flickr, but  this is my  favorite spot to find interesting and illusive images – Flickr Storm.

I don’t know how, but  I always find just the images I need on there. It’s one of the best FREE things around, I’ve used this for 2 years now and thought I should make a special effort to put everyone onto it. All the images are good quality. Anyone who spends a lot of time writing presentations and reports will get a lot of use out of this, when they need that special image –  give it a try by clicking on the icon below.

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