Woman Arrested for Instagramming Street Art

Over zealous Police have arrested a girl for posting a photo to her Instagram feed of someone else’s artwork she passed in the street.

The aged looking poster/image depicts violence against a police representative. She has apparently been charged with threatening violence against the person featured in the image.

Though she didn’t leave any captions or commentary which was directly threatening, the young woman will face court.

I wonder what implications this would have for thew media at large, would any news outlet documenting the work and then sharing it be viewed in the same way.

Read the full article here :

Woman Arrested for Instagramming Street Art.


I still love traditional graffiti. It is undoubtegly the most important art movement of the last two centuries and the only movement created by young people (children in many cases) in History. It’s been 40 years since guys like Noc first took to painting on the outside of New Yorks subway cars and while only a select few now get to see live ‘panel pieces’ it’s almost as exciting to see new work from Noc alive and running.

check out more subway advertising and art related goodness at http://adsonthesubway.wordpress.com/


Surf’s up!

I can’t remember getting a birthday present from my brother, I don’t think he’s ever got me anything.

Unlike the lucky guy who’s brother not only got him a custom board, but also gave me the board to whip up a little happy birthday lettering with custom family portrait…how thoughtful! I wish I could be reincarnated into this dudes family, looks like they have a lot of fun.

The board itself was more of a challenge than I expected. The markers that have a very limited colour palette and unlike paint, blending and shading doesn’t work particularly well. The piece was executed with line work and stippling rather than smooth grades of shading.  Posca paint markers are also very flat and chalky so I’m hoping the final coast of fibre glass makes the colours ‘pop’ a bit more.

I’d really like to do a few more of these, focusing on large images filling the whole board. I really like doing these customisations, working on canvas feels a little static, these types of things are fun and energetic.

A drawing with Spray paint is still just a drawing

This piece is a reworking of two simple ideas I used in earlier graffiti pieces. Both ideas tried to connect graffiti and drawing.

The first one showed normal New York style graffiti with section made to look hand painted or hand drawn. I think I did about five of these between 1998 and 2002, with the last version in 2002 being the more successful one.

The second idea was to simply replace one of graffiti writing most iconic style elements, the arrow, with pencils and paint brushes.

This piece is a further development along these lines. The motivation for this piece is  my continual dismay that people still get so upset and feel challenged  by what are simply my ‘big drawings’.

Colour Box Studios - Footscray (Melbourne western suburb)
Colour Box Studios – Footscray (Melbourne western suburb)

If you are in Melbourne you can visit the space. go to http://colourboxstudio.com/ for details

Remeber the Etch-a-Sketch

Occasionally the modern news cycle gets so caught up in gossip and celebrity rubbish they neglect to tell us about truly great people.

Today I found out that Andre Cassagnes passed away…on January the 16th. This man invented the Etch-a-Sketch!

I’m saddened that this took so long to be reported on. In an age where talentless people with no ideas, making no useful contribution to the world are valued over the life of a person who made ongoing contributions to the design world and invented one of the coolest kids toys ever; it took two whole weeks to find a gap in the news cycle big enough to squeeze between some rumour about a Kardashian and another revelation about some B-grade celeb’s weight-loss miracle.

Today I celebrate the overlooked innovators of the world.


I think the picture came from this guy : http://tomshillue.com/

Inner workings of Amen – part 1

Graffiti usually focuses on the exterior. The aesthetics reign supreme.

Here I tore open the piece to display the guts and inner workings of this ‘public style’.

I am going to turn this into a series of pieces focusing on the inner workings of graffiti, peeling back the outward face to reveal what may lay underneath some living letters.


Melbournites – Please Save The Butterfly Club

Anyone with a love of the arts, comedy and all things kitsch this IS something you need to get behind. If you’ve ever laughed at Tim Minchin’s musical musing you owe these guys big time!

Please follow the link and help the club survive the move to a new venue. You don’t need to just donate, you can buy some pretty cool experiences.

Save The Butterfly Club by The Butterfly Club and … Crowded on Pozible.

This Melbourne icon needs your help
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