Being happy at work is still a relatively new idea

If you have made it to the end of the week and feeling a bit crud, please take some consolation in knowing that you are not alone.

We get a front-row seat to view the lives of a teeny-tiny group of people on this planet who have it all, and, at the same time are being constantly bombarded by industries providing all types of promises that we can and should have that life too…now!
It becomes really easy to forget, the very idea that work will make us happy is a very new idea in human history.

Image: Career Crisis prompt cards

That doesn’t mean you should give up, water down your goals, or choose not to continue searching.
But this Friday afternoon, allow yourself a bit of love, knowing that the world we find ourselves in isn’t as easy to navigate as the influencer or self-help book author tells us.

Keep learning, thinking, testing, reflecting and adjusting, to build a way forward based on your own requirements and at your own pace, without judgment and benchmarks set by industries who need you unhappy to be profitable.

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Launching the Creative Career Counsellor

What problems do you want to solve?

I have had lots of jobs, and a few careers. Most have been a very awkward unnatural fit and sometime downright traumatic, wedging myself into roles that were never going to suit me long term. Some I was miserable in, living in a constant state of unhealthy anxiety.

Much of my adult life has been spent trying to catchup after being a failed student. However, I never gave up, I kept working and trying to test out little ideas as I went to try to work out what else I could do. As I fought to catchup, I definitely had some wins.

I set up programs to help foster children, ran a small business delivering youth art workshops and painted murals (preceding the popularity of “street art”), paid my way through University as an adult and worked in the highly competitive advertising industry.

I’ve transitioned through several other career phases since leaving advertising, working with businesses on compliance and regulation issues, government grant programs and as a Salesforce trainer.

Throughout this time I kept searching for opportunities to try new careers out.
I eventually came across this question “What problems do you want to solve?”. I can’t quite remember where I read it, but it stuck in my mind and became the question I decided to answer.

Now, after further study, I use my experience to inform ways to identify and manage careers. The problem I want to contribute towards solving is career mismatch and career mismanagement which has become a source of real unhappiness in contemporary society.

To begin working towards solving that problem I have started the Creative Career Counsellor. I am here to help young people searching for areas of focus and adults who are transitioning, like I did, from jobs done to survive, to work or a career with a focus and a future. I utilise a creative, strengths based approach to help activate your career ideas.

Based in Melbourne, I provided access to low cost career counselling on the weekends (online options available). I have a love of all things careers, ideas and art and run a shop where you can find things to help inspire and support career thinking, products to help celebrate ideas and creative thinking and sell my own artwork and will be stocking some art products and supplies.

To get help you get started, check out A Job to Love. This book helped me immensely and has been a book I’ve repeatedly bought for friends working through a career crisis.

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