I’ve been reflecting a lot on how difficult it is for people to juggle the cost of living with study. Long gone are the days when you could leave home and share a cheap old rambling house with friends for a few dollars a week and one or two nights of ‘hospo’ work covered you financially, leaving plenty of time for actual study and building a sense of self.
Now, all those cheap rentals are renovated into multi-million dollar homes, and students who support themselves practically work full time, leaving them at a massive disadvantage compared to their counterparts who receive parental/family financial support and have the luxury to focus on their study.

If you are studying towards becoming a teacher, please take some time to consider this scholarship:

Our Future Teacher Scholarship helps student teachers in need kickstart their careers with a helping hand to ease the
financial pressures of juggling prac, study and work.

Future Teachers Scholarships

The scholarships are provided by the Teachers Mutual Bank and look as though opportunities are provided regularly (I saw the link shared on Facebook and am not associated with them or sponsored to promote them in any way).
This is the link to the scholarships page.

While on the topic of study scholarships, most Australian universities list their own internal scholarships. In addition, here are two reputable places to hunt for scholarships:
-Australian Government’s Study Assist scholarships page
The Good Universities Guide scholarship finder

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