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the Creative Career Counsellor

I am a post-graduate qualified career counsellor dedicated to helping people develop their own career management skills. 
I supply products I have used to help people with their Careers, generate Ideas and improve creative thinking, and provide affordable, original Art via my shop

The Careers section contains a curated selection of self-guided career tools and books that I used to navigate my own career change and recommend. They will help you develop your self-awareness, ability to identify opportunities and take practical steps towards building your way forward.

Idea generation and creative thinking have an increasingly important role in all our lives, particularly at work. Here you can find a growing selection of books and tools to help with idea generation and creative thinking. 

Art has always played a role in my life and I continue to practice art-making as a way of exploring ideas, communicating visually and as a loose form of personal therapy. 

Kids have questions…lots of them. Some you should answer. However, what’s really awesome to see is a curious kid learning how to answer their own questions.  

So I’ve added a kids and youth section to gather some tools, mostly things I have bought into my own family and hope my daughter will love, maybe kidlets you know will love them too.

Career Counselling South Melbourne

This site is constantly evolving as I learn better ways to organise the content and add new products and services, please singup to the newsletter for occasional updates. 

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